Patio Awnings Bundaberg - Manufacture to Installation

Benefits of Awnings (Why would you want awnings?)

  • Do you want more control over your outdoor environment? (get instant privacy & control over all weather conditions)
  • Do you want to make your outdoor living areas more livable at all times of the day or night?
  • Do you want to be able to enjoy your deck or patio even in the harsh sun, rain or wind? (early morning / late afternoon)
  • Want to shade an area that gets intense sun but still have a view? (Ezi View fabrics)
  • Do you want to create an outdoor room? (leave furniture permanently in place, without having to move out of the sun or rain)

Reclaim your outdoor space / deck / patio

?Think Blinds has a wide range of outdoor awnings and outdoor blinds to suit different applications and budgets.

Think Blinds’ awnings and outdoor blinds are mainly used to control intense sun exposure and heat that occurs both indoors and outdoors. Our awnings and outdoor blinds are available as both stationary for permanent protection or retractable for your flexibility in adapting your outdoor space.

Our awnings are made from materials such as pvc coated polyester, which is a mesh fabric that will provide a full shade, defuse the heat and glare, while still allowing outward visibility during daylight and ventilation. Our acrylic yarns allow for full sun block and come in a range of colours and patterns. Acrylic is an ideal fabric to use instead of canvas it resists mould better when wound up wet.

Awnings and outdoor blinds also cut down on home energy costs by decreasing the need for air conditioning and in some applications heating.

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Why would you get an awning or outdoor blind?

Retractable awnings allow you full control, depending on the weather conditions for each day or night. When the sun is at it’s most intense or passing showers threaten, the awning allows for near-instant shade and protection. Awnings prevent the sun from shining through windows and glass sliding or bi-folding doors. This can help protect and aid in the longevity and possible fading of your precious polished timber floors and carpets. Think Blinds awnings also provide a sheltered area for your children and pets to play, shielded from the harsh Australian sun and rain.

Some of our awnings come with accessories to enable the easy operation of your awnings, like on high windows, where you cannot physically reach the awning or outdoor blind you’re wanting to control. Our Ezi-View range of fabrics, allows for your patio or decked area to be fully enclosed into a virtually bug-free environment. Think Blinds Ezi-view range allow for an unobstructed view during the daylight hours. For hot west facing openings, we have different fabrics available to get the most out of your new awnings to protect you and your home from the ever changing weather conditions.?

Our Awnings Sales and Installation Process

Initial Enquiry

Please call us to arrange for a FREE quote on 1300 703 353 or 07 4152 5345

Home, Office or Showroom Consultation, with Check Measure

Think Blinds can help you figure out the type of Awnings or Outdoor Blinds that will best suit your application with our extensive knowledge and give you options for your budget.

By using Think Blinds for your measure and quote, allows for a trouble free process due to our experience and product knowledge in both measuring, installation and after sales service.

We don’t give timeframes for appointments as we know your time is precious, even if you live out at Agnes Water, we set a time and see you then. If all hell breaks loose and we aren’t going to make our appointment you can be sure we will call well before and advise you of any delay.

Detailed quotation with options back to you within one business day

We give you an itemised quotation for a variety of awning and outdoor blind options, so you have choices and we aren’t hiding behind just one big price.

Order Acceptance

To accept your quotation, we can be contacted by either phone or email to finalise your order. A 40% deposit is needed to activate your order, with the balance due upon job completion.

Order Time Frames?

At Think Blinds, we deal direct with our awning and outdoor blind manufacturers. This gives us reduced lead times of between 2 to 3 weeks from order to arrival to our factory.

Awning and Outdoor Blind Installation

Installation is included in our full range of blinds and shutters. Installation times vary, depending on the size of your order. We will communicate with you to arrange an ideal time to install your blinds that suits you.

Feedback Survey

We are always conscientious of delivering you a great experience, as such we send out a customer survey for you to leave us valuable feedback to help us to continue to bring you a high quality service.

After Sales Support and Service?

As a local business we backup our awnings and outdoor blinds with great after sales support and service. We are able to bring in spare parts and fix any minor issues quickly and provide all warranty service.

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Awnings and Outdoor Blinds Pricing Guide

How much does an awning or outdoor blind cost?

Awnings and outdoor blinds prices vary as there are many factors involved such as the different types of awnings available, fabrics and colours, componentry and fixtures needed for all the different applications, just to name a few. The width and height of the window or opening also matters. Price is affected by whether you have one large blind or multiple smaller blinds across one window. The wider span a blind has to cover requires heavier duty components to maintain rigidity, strength and operation functionality. Each blind type has its own limitations in width and drop.

If you are not sure of what type of awning or outdoor blind will best suit your application, use our extensive experience to help you find the best blinds for your budget. We always try to help you by understanding your needs and our team will often have some innovative solutions to solve your window covering requirements.

We can come out and provide you with a no obligation, consultation in your home or office on any of our blinds. We will show you through the samples and colours available and advise the best solution for your application and budget.We also have a blind and shutter showroom where you can come and see most of our range in action. If you are building off a plan please bring it in and we can help you with options and pricing right off the plan.

At Think Blinds we give an itemised and optional quotation for a variety of window furnishings so you have options and we aren’t hiding behind just one big price. This will assist you greatly in making the correct decision on the type of blind and also to meet your budget.

All Quotes are Free and No Obligation

Preparation of Your Home?

What you need to do to be ready for an installation?

Included in our quotations is the removal of any old blinds. Some customers prefer to remove the old blinds themselves, as this allows them to clean their windows prior to the new blinds or shutters being installed by Think Blinds.

Existing Homes

If you are renovating your existing home or investment property, Think Blinds can assist you with a wide range of colours and materials to best suit your needs.

New Homes

If you are looking to build a new home or investment property, we can assist by supplying you with a quotation prior to commencement of the build. This can be extremely helpful to assist you in the budgeting process. We also offer house-lot deals on our wide range of plantation shutters, blinds and awnings.?