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Custom Blinds Bundaberg

Benefits of Blinds (Why would you choose blinds?)

Blinds are usually one of the last products to be installed in any new build or renovation. A room never looks fully complete until the blinds have been installed and then, what a difference they make. There are so many types of blinds, colours and materials available that sometimes it can become a bit confusing.

That is why at Think Blinds, our team of experienced staff having the knowledge in our products', manufacturing and installation can help take the worry of this away. Blinds assist in the insulation against the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Some of our blinds give the best of both worlds, where a window can be left open, shading the room against the sun, while still allowing for airflow through the home or office. For this type of blind, please see our information for Plantation Shutters and Venetian Blinds.

Pros and Cons of Fabric Blinds

Fabric blinds are very popular with customers, as they can add warmth and depth to a room, depending on the fabric colours chosen. On a new home, blinds help to finish off the look of a room, once the furniture has been added.

The only downside to fabric blinds, is if you have the window open and also want full protection from the sun or for privacy, the blind could possibly flap about due to the wind. This may also lead to damage over time of your blinds. Generally you would close a window if these options were trying to be achieved, as you ultimately will block airflow anyway. Our range of plantation shutters, timber and eco venetians as well as our outdoor range of awnings can assist greatly when wanting privacy or sun protection, while still achieving air flow.

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Main Uses of Blinds and ideal areas to use blinds in your Home or Office.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are commonly used throughout homes and offices and would be our most popular type of window furnishing. They are quite often used on kitchen and laundry windows where the sink is situated below the window. They are an easy blind to use and roll upwards thus removing the fabric away from any dirty water or dishes. Roller Blinds add a contemporary look to modern homes, while changing a few options with fabric, bottom rail and chain types can add an elegant look to period style homes.

Roller Blinds Bundaberg
Modern Roller Blinds Bundaberg

Channel Roller Blinds

Channel Roller Blinds operate and are available in the same amount and types of fabrics as standard roller blinds. They come standard with a full cassette that houses the top fabric roll and channels that house the bottom rail & the sides of the fabric thus giving complete blockout by eliminating the light glow on the sides of the fabric. The cassette and side channels are available in a selection of colours to match in with the fabric and decor of your home or office. These are a fantastic blind in applications such as media or theatre rooms and are an ideal choice for shift workers who are trying to sleep during the daylight hours.

Sheer Roller Blinds

Sheer Roller Blinds are a very unique style of blind. they operate like a roller blind and come with a matching cassette in which the blind, when fully opened, sits protected inside from dust etc. Sheer rollers come in a range of colours in translucent and blockout fabrics. When the blind is fully closed, by the use of a chain control, you have full control of the light and vision amount you require for that room.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds, especially our eco (poly product) range are often used in wet areas where high moisture can be present, such as bathrooms, ensuites, and laundries or garages where clothes driers are commonly used. These will not be affected directly by moisture where there is a chance with timber venetians. We have a range of colours in both eco and timber which complement one another. Our range of venetian blinds are available in 25mm aluminium, 50mm eco and timber and 63mm eco products.

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds, available in both block-out and light filter fabrics are very elegant blind. They are available in both cord-lock and chain control operation. Our classic roman blinds come as standard with traditional stitching of the pleats. Our sewless roman blinds are manufactured with a aluminium tube that the fabric is sleeved onto thus creating the pleat. This type of blind is very popular when fitted to media, theatre and bedrooms, as there is no chance of light entering anywhere, where block out fabrics are used.

Panel Glides and Viva Verticals

Panel Glides and our exclusive range of Viva Verticals are widely used on both sliding and bi-folding doors and windows.

Panel Glides are a more modern design and can be used on sliding or bi-folding doors, windows and as a room divider. They are available in large range of fabric colours and textures. The wide panels of fabrics can be easily opened and layout options are determined at the time of check-measure. These type of blinds fabric panels do not tilt like a vertical blind. Each fabric panel slides across the next and they all stack to one side or both sides in the case of a centre opening door or window. When closed, each panel overlaps the next by approximately 70mm thus giving privacy and sun protection.

Viva Serenade Verticals are exclusive to Think Blinds and are of poly construction in the louvres with a slight curve to the vanes to give strength, which requires no weights or chains, yes you heard right, no messy chains that perish in the sun after a couple of years. They are operated through a wand control system to position the blinds vanes both in tilting and stacking. Viva Serenade Verticals are fantastic for wet areas as the product cannot be damaged by moisture. They are easily cleaned by using a warm damp cloth and then wiped dry using a dry, clean cloth.

Viva Fabric Verticals are a range that operate with our wand control system and no chains also. There is a slight difference to that of the Viva Serenade Verticals as being fabric, they require sewn in weights that cannot move or be removed thus keeping the fabric weighted. These blinds operate with our wand control system to enable in both the tilting and stacking of the vanes.

Cellular Blinds

Cellular Blinds are of a honeycomb construction and are perfect for hot or cold conditions as they are an excellent insulator. Available in a wide range of colours, light filters and blockouts, Cellular Blinds add a degree of elegance and sophistication to any room or office.

In coastal areas where there is generally a consistent amount of wind, our eco and timber venetians as well as our range of plantation shutters are often used. Venetians can be secured at the bottom, allowing for the full control of light, vision & air flow, as also achieved through our plantation shutters.

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Our Blinds Sales and Installation Process

Initial Enquiry

Please call our factory to arrange for a FREE quote on 1300 703 353 or 07 4152 5345?

Home, Office or Showroom Consultation, with Check Measure

Think Blinds can help you figure out the type of blind that will best suit your application with our extensive knowledge and give you options for your budget.By using Think Blinds for your measure and quote, allows for a trouble free process due to our experience and product knowledge in both measuring, installation and after sales service.

We know your time is precious so we don’t give timeframes for appointments, even if you live out at Agnes Water, we set a time and see you then. If all hell breaks loose and we aren’t going to make our appointment you can be sure we will call well before and advise you of any delay.

Detailed Quotation with Options back to you within One Business Day.

We give you an itemised quotation for a variety of blind options, so you have choices and we aren’t hiding behind just one big price.

Order Acceptance

To accept your quotation, we can be contacted by either phone or email to finalise your order. A 40% deposit is needed to activate your order, with the balance due upon job completion.

Order Time Frames

At Think Blinds, we deal direct with our blinds manufacturers. This gives us reduced lead times of between 2 to 3 weeks from order to arrival to our factory. Some products lines are available even quicker if they are instock in our warehouse. We will always strive to work with you on meeting any deadlines you have.

Blind Installation

Installation is included in our full range of blinds and shutters. Installation times vary, depending on the size of your order. We will communicate with you to arrange an ideal time to install your blinds that suits you.

Feedback Survey

We are always conscientious of delivering you a great experience, as such we send out a customer survey for you to leave us valuable feedback to help us to continue to bring you a high quality service.

After Sales Support and Service

As a local business we backup our blinds with great after sales support and service. We are able to bring in spare parts and fix any minor issues quickly and provide all warranty service.

All Quotes are Free and No Obligation

Blinds Pricing Guide

How much does a blind cost?

Blind prices vary as there are many factors involved such as the different types of blinds available, fabrics and colours, componentry and fixtures needed for all the different applications, just to name a few. The width and height of the window or opening also matters. Price is affected by whether you have one large blind or multiple smaller blinds across one window. The wider span a blind has to cover requires heavier duty components to maintain rigidity, strength and operation functionality. Each blind type has its own limitations in width and drop.

If you are not sure of what type of blind will best suit your application, use our extensive experience to help you find the best blinds for your budget. We always try to help you by understanding your needs and our team will often have some innovative solutions to solve your window covering requirements.

We can come out and provide you with a no obligation, consultation in your home or office on any of our blinds. We will show you through the samples and colours available and advise the best solution for your application and budget.

We also have a blind and shutter showroom where you can come and see most of our range in action. If you are building off a plan please bring it in and we can help you with options and pricing right off the plan.

At Think Blinds we give an itemised and optional quotation for a variety of window furnishings so you have options and we aren’t hiding behind just one big price. This will assist you greatly in making the correct decision on the type of blind and also to meet your budget.

Preparation of your Home

What you need to do to be ready for an installation

Included in our quotations is the removal of any old blinds. Some customers prefer to remove the old blinds themselves, as this allows them to clean their windows prior to the new blinds or shutters being installed by Think Blinds.

Existing Homes

If you are renovating your existing home or investment property, Think Blinds can assist you with a wide range of colours and materials to best suit your needs.

New Homes

If you are looking to build a new home or investment property, we can assist by supplying you with a quotation prior to commencement of the build. This can be extremely helpful to assist you in the budgeting process. We also offer house-lot deals on our wide range of plantation shutters, blinds and awnings.

All Quotes are Free and No Obligation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are my blinds going to flap in the wind?

Yes, if you have the window open and also want full protection from the sun or for privacy, the blind could possibly flap about due to the wind. This may also lead to damage over time of your blinds. Generally you would close a window if these options were trying to be achieved, as you ultimately will block airflow anyway. Our range of plantation shutters, timber and eco venetians as well as our outdoor range of awnings can assist greatly when wanting privacy or sun protection, while still achieving air flow.