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Custom Plantation Shutters Bundaberg

Benefits of Shutters (Why would you want Shutters?)

  • Do you want a more stylish attractive look for your indoor window furnishings?
  • Do you hate how your blinds flap in the breeze? Then shutters are for you.?
  • Do you think shutters might be too expensive? You will be surprised!

Our range of high quality plantation shutters are not as expensive as you might think.

The main reason our customers choose our plantation shutters is they allow for the control of light, vision and airflow.

This type of window furnishing is constructed using componentry which eliminates any movement as experienced with fabric blinds.

Plantation shutters are the ultimate style of covering when it comes to window furnishings. They add a very contemporary style to new homes with our new Ezi-tilt control system. For a more traditional look, by using our traditional tilt rod system, this will add to the character of older style homes, like queenslanders, weatherboard and stucco to name a few.?

There are more pros than cons when it comes to plantation shutters. Apart from being a very functional type of window furnishing, adding to the style of decor in any home, they still require cleaning, which anyone classes as a downside. Cleaning is very easy when it comes to Plantation Shutters. Because of the rigid componentry and framing design, it is as simple as wiping over a kitchen benchtop.

Plantation shutters have insulation and sound-proof qualities which assist in different applications for windows around the home or office. West facing rooms for example that are drenched heavy with afternoon sun in summer are easily kept cooler. Also, road facing windows with high traffic noise, with windows and plantation shutters closed can be kept quieter.

Our plantation shutters can be used on any window, door or opening in any building. We have our Woodbury Full Waterproof shutters that can be used in any wet area. With componentry to match the material used in these shutters, these will not be affected by moisture. A perfect window covering solution to wet areas, such as bathrooms, ensuites, toilets, laundries and buildings near the ocean or in humid areas such as areas across Queensland and to the north of Western Australia & The Northern Territory.

Our timber range of shutters can be used on any window or opening. though not recommended in wet areas duty to moisture being present, new applications with heat lamps and exhaust fans to bathrooms, ensuites etc have helped to eliminate the chance of damage to shutters over time.

All of our customers that have ever chosen to have our plantation shutters installed, have always commented on how great they look, the functionality of them, the finish they have brought to the rooms they’ve been added to and how much their friends and families comment on the fantastic look they have over their blinds. It’s usually not long after, we are quoting to install plantation shutters through word of mouth of our customers to their friends and families.

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Plantation Shutter Range - What Range of Colours Available?

Plantation shutters - providing the best priced, top quality plantation shutters on the market today.

?The Woodlore range are Australia’s most affordable shutters. Made of a wood composite and resin core, they will not dent or scratch. Incredibly easy to wipe clean and energy efficient. Save up to 30% compared to traditional painted timber shutters. Available in a range of colours from whites through to creams. Incredible value for a premium product.

The Woodbury range are made from a timber core encased in a synthetic product called ABS. The UV inhibiting finish reduces the risk of warping, chipping and cracking. Suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. Very hard wearing and more resistant than timber to knocks and damage. Woodbury also comes in a range of whites to creams.

The Normandy range features a hand finishing process that ensures you receive the most premium plantation shutter on the market. Features mortise and tenon joints, quarter sawing and engineered stiles for a great quality finish. A beautiful detailed timber grain is visible in our Normandy range when used alongside our quality timber stains.

The Sussex range ensures a lifetime of durability with the finest materials, handcrafting processes and quality control systems used in the industry today. Mortise and tenon joints ensure perfect joinery along with engineered stiles that offer an extremely robust support system for the shutter panels. Sussex has a massive colour selection, both in stains and paints available.

All our Plantation Shutters have options on framing styles, blade sizes, louvre operation, hinge style and colours all for different applications, allowing for ease of use for our clients, while supplying the ultimate in window furniture. For a very small cost, you can even have your plantation shutters, custom painted to suit any existing colours in your home or office.

Our Plantation Shutters Sales and Installation Process

Initial Enquiry

Please call our factory to arrange for a FREE quote on 1300 703 353 or 07 4152 5345

Home, Office or Showroom Consultation, with Check Measure

By using Think Blinds for your measure and quote, allows for a very care free experience due to our experience and product knowledge in both measuring, installation and after sales service.

We know your time is precious so we don’t give timeframes for appointments, even if you live out at Agnes Water, we set a time and see you then. If all hell breaks loose and we aren’t going to make our appointment you can be sure we will call well before and advise you of any delay.

Detailed quotation with options back to you within one business day.

We give you an itemised quotation for a variety of blind options, so you have choices and we aren’t hiding behind just one big price.?

Order Acceptance

Upon receiving and then accepting your quotation, you can contact us either by phone or email. A 40% deposit is needed to activate your order, with the balance due upon job completion.?

Time Frames

At Think Blinds, we deal direct with our shutter manufacturer. This gives us reduced lead times of between 4 to 6 weeks from order to arrival to our factory.


Installation is included in our full range of blinds and shutters. Installation times vary, depending on the size of the order of blinds and shutters to be installed.

Preparation of your Home

What you need to do to be ready for an installation

Included in our quotations is the removal of any old blinds. Some customers prefer to remove the old blinds themselves, as this allows them to clean their windows prior to the new blinds or shutters being installed by Think Blinds.?

Existing Homes

If you are renovating your existing home or investment property, Think Blinds can assist you with a wide range of colours and materials to best suit your needs.?

New Homes

If you are looking to build a new home or investment property, we can assist by supplying you with a quotation prior to commencement of the build. This can be extremely helpful to assist you in the budgeting process. We also offer house-lot deals on our wide range of plantation shutters, blinds and awnings.?

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Plantation Shutters Pricing Guide

How much do shutters cost?

Shutter prices vary as there are many factors involved such as the different types of shutters available, stains and paints, componentry and fixtures needed for all the different applications, just to name a few. The width and height of the window or opening also matters. Price is affected by whether you have one large shutter or multiple smaller shutters across one window. The wider span a shutter has to cover requires heavier duty components to maintain rigidity, strength and operation functionality. Each shutter type has its own limitations in width and drop.?

For example in our Woodlore and Woodbury shutter range which is made with ABS plastic for its high impact resistance and toughness our blades have a solid timber insert to maintain shape and strength. This stops the louvers sagging in the heat.

If you are not sure of what type of blind will best suit your application, use our extensive experience to help you find the best blinds for your budget. We always try to help you by understanding your needs and our team will often have some innovative solutions to solve your window covering requirements.

Our plantation shutters are fully custom made to suit your needs. We can supply estimates from your own measurements but generally pricing is worked out once on site and after assessing the sizes, layouts and shutter panel quantities needed to best suit your windows.

We have found on many of our quotations that our shutter pricing is so competitive, it is often the same price as others quote for blinds. This again is due to our direct relationship with our quality manufacturers that cuts out the middle man.

Various Options

In our plantation shutter program, we not only have our selection of product materials but also a range of different louvre sizes which vary from 63mm, 89mm and 114mm widths. Our plantation shutter frames vary in styles and widths for different openings and applications.?

Common Myths

Customers enter our showroom all the time, see our display of plantation shutters, explain how much they love and would like them but comment they could never afford them or they’re too expensive. This is the general perception that most people have. Prior to dealing with Think Blinds, they have been quoted from business’ who deal with a middle man in the process, not the manufacturer directly as Think Blinds do.Don’t rule yourself out as not being able to afford shutters get Think Blinds to quote you first.?

All Quotes are Free and No Obligation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the shutters going to block out all of the light?

Not completely, shutters have moving parts so there are very small gaps at the edges of the blades. While they do a great job blocking out light if you want a complete blockout for a media / theatre room or a bedroom if you are a shift worker then you should consider Channel Roller Blinds.?